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Three pioneers in the development of whale sanctuaries are meeting in Iceland
this summer to free many more whales and dolphins from captivity. 


belong today and 
for the future  

Imagine working alongside these teams, creating personal relationships with individual animals at the beginning and ending of their journey, perhaps even accompanying them as they are transported by land or air to their new homes. Imagine being the first to welcome them to freedom, to swim in seawater for the first time in decades, to feel the rain on their backs for perhaps the first time in their lives, and to play with scuttling sea urchins and starfish on the sea floor instead of inert rubber balls. 

a rare opportunity 
for a few people 

Sanctuary pioneers have spent years selecting and working in challenging physical environments, building infrastructure, training teams and preparing sites. Individually, they have transported whales across continents to new homes, but this is the first time that they are meeting specifically to expedite the release of captive animals worldwide, and develop a collective plan for their future.

Gain insight into the decision making process as industry leaders, with access to the top locations in the world, collectively assess and lay out possible futures for the 3,000 dolphins, belugas, and orca whales currently in captivity.  Join them as they share personal stories of innovation and disruption, and in actively sourcing specific cetaceans to leave their tanks, and live lives of freedom in nature. 


creating a legacy 
that connects   

Sharing your wisdom is a way towards deeply feeling your heart connection to these wild and beautiful locations, and the animals that will live there beyond your years. Joy, purpose, and beauty are stored there for future generations of your family to connect with these pristine lands and oceans.    

become a part

Join us as we share personal stories of disruption and innovation, and plan futures for the 3,000 dolphins, belugas, and orca whales around the world currently in captivity. Like you we are dreamers and doers, and we’ve had real success individually in doing what others said was just a dream. Join us as we work collectively to bring many more animals back to the wild.


iceland magic



36 hours in Iceland accompanied by sanctuary leaders. A private boat to meet the staff behind the scenes at the Beluga Whale Sanctuary on Vestmanyjer Island. A custom dry suit to zodiac to visit remote Klettsvik Bay Vestmannaeyjar Island, to keep or hang in the locker for future visits. A place at the table as leadership teams discuss details of the next phase in sanctuary development.



Connect one on one with the belugas Little White and Little Grey as you understand their route to freedom and their resilience. Witness traditional Icelandic animal connection ceremonies, such as Puffin rescue, and delve into their animal lore. Extensions for activities such as volcanoes, thermal springs, waterfalls, scuba, or helicopter tours can be arranged.


Authentic and luxurious

Relax in Iceland’s premier luxury lodge, located in Iceland’s geothermal Golden Circle. Enjoy exceptional Icelandic and International dining. Private car and boat transport, with optional helicopter transfer from Reykjavik.


ready to join?

There are six invited guest spots, to connect with individual whales as they travel to freedom, to share your own story and wisdom, or simply to learn how whales and dolphins become free. 


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